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The CoupCult team has been hard at work, as you can see in the pictures below.

Hard at work indeed.

The best part about being in CoupCult is the perks of the job, such as being able to enjoy free food.

Food presentation - Top Notch. Candid picture - Not So.

We also get to meet and talk to experienced chefs who are dedicated to their craft and willing to show us the ropes on how to prepare a fine dining meal.

Head chef with over 20 years of culinary experience

To be honest, CoupCult is now undergoing an internal integration of stringent screening for merchants to make sure they deliver the best experience and quality to our consumers. Our account executives and team must now be present to taste and to eat the food (not that we are complaining) of every deal that we feature, and we will conduct random spot-checks to make sure the merchants deliver as promised to our consumers, among other screening factors. We are proud to say that Oceanus Kitchen has our stamp of assurance, and their quality and service has been top-notch. We hope that our customers will enjoy the same level of service and quality of food as us when we experienced the place. To be continued..


CoupCult burst into existence on the 14th of March, 2011, and since then, many a confused passerby has asked, “What in the world does CoupCult stand for?” (Or irate uncles going, “CupCup? KrupKart? Aiya, why your name so hard to pronounce one?”)

CoupCult (pronounced coop-cult) stands for Coupon Culture.

The calling card of CoupCult, is our CoupCard. I’m proud to say that we are the first group buying website to change how coupon redemption is done, by going paperless. Instead of laboriously going through the process of printing out a voucher, wasting ink and paper in the process and being embarrassed at the merchant when you present a folded, crumpled piece of paper; all you have to do is to flash this card, show the merchant your unique serial number, and redeem your deal.

The brainchild for the CoupCard came about when, already irritated by the hassle of printing coupons and presenting them sheepishly, I witnessed a lightbulb-inducing event at a fast food outlet.

I was queuing up at the counter, when I saw a sharply dressed guy in his mid-twenties, suddenly behaving suspiciously when he reached the counter. He furtively looked left and right with a crazed, scared and wild look in his eyes, before reaching into his briefcase.

For one nerve-inducing second, I thought I was witnessing a robbery first-hand in supposedly crime-free Singapore. And not in a bank, mind you, but in a freaking SANDWICH SHOP! This guy must really love salami, I thought.

Alas, he did not pull out a gun from his bag, but a crumpled, yellow and folded piece of A4 paper. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he slowly unfolded the paper.. all the while trying to shield his hands and embarrassment from the rest us in the queue.

From where I was standing, I saw: “GROUPON 50% OFF! $10 for $20 worth of food at…

I could have swore his hands were trembling as he handed the paper over to the grinning cashier. I may also have heard a few snickers from the people behind me. At that point in time, a light bulb bearing cow leaped into my head and…

Thus, the CoupCard was born. Gone are the days where redeeming a coupon requires one to wear stocking on one’s head, and cause as much anxiety as robbing a bank.

"Hi, no I'm not here to rob a bank. No, please don't call the police. I'm just here to redeem my... Groupon."

All you have to do, is to flash your CoupCard with as much swagger as MC Hammer flashing VIP cards in clubs, and voila, you redeem your deal with style.

Stay tuned for the next post, on more benefits and privileges with the CoupCard! Till then, stay safe and away from suspicious looking people in sandwich shops.